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Silhouette Koolies   


We have been breeding Koolies for 19 years, this little girl and her litter mates are our fifth generation of Koolies.

Koolies, also known as Coolies or German Koolies or Australian Koolies are excellent working or herding dogs.  A breed that has evolved in Australia in the mid 1800's they have a distinctive personality that sets them apart from other working breeds. They require mental stimulation and regular interaction and are not recommended to be left for long days on their own in the backyard. If you lead an active life that allows for a dog as company a Koolie may be for you.

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Richard & Ann Worboys   RmB 7696 Echuca Vic. 3564 Australia                       
































If you would like to learn more about our koolies, you are welcome to come inside:









or email     ann.worboys@gmail.com